Making Money using Marketing – August, 2023

Thanks to our speaker, Leigh Cowan, who spoke on the topic of “Making Money using Marketing”. Many thanks to our host, Corporate House at Pymble for providing a wonderful venue and supper.

Unlocking the potential for financial success through marketing is a universal aspiration for businesses, yet the intricacies of this process often remain elusive. This is precisely why we engage in marketing endeavors. In a recent enlightening session, Leigh Cowan delved into the dynamic world of marketing, offering a comprehensive overview of how its various components seamlessly integrate to elevate a business’s profile and drive lead generation.

Leigh shared valuable insights, demystifying the complexities of marketing and shedding light on the interconnection of its elements. The session provided attendees with a roadmap, illustrating how each facet of marketing contributes to the overarching goal of boosting visibility and generating leads. It was an insightful journey into the strategic landscape of marketing, designed to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate this essential aspect of success.